Avocado Peach Wrap with Cilantro and Lemon


This is a super simple yet refreshing summer snack wrap! Perfect if you are on the go, or looking for something wholesome, tasty and exotic! This is salt free, oil free and nut free too! Just pure, fresh, tasty fruits and veggies!

What you will need is:

– 2 to 3 collard green leafs

– 1 avocado

– 1 peach or nectarine (it can be white or yellow. I am using a white peach in the pictures)

– handful of cilantro

– 1 lemon or lime

– bit of turmeric

– bit of cayenne or paprika

While this is quite the list, the preparation time of this wrap is next to nothing!

Step one is to de-stem the collard green leaf, by laying the leaf on the side with the stem showing and cutting off all the excess hard stem. This is to make it easier for rolling purposes:


Next, we will begin to cut our fruits (yes, avocado is a fruit) and begin our layering. Quarter the avocado and peaches, and slice them into thin layers:

peach-bacon-avocado-sandwich-1 - Copy

Thin avocado slices


Thin peach slices (not my picture, this is for an example)

Next, we will begin our layering. Put a piece of avocado down, then a peach, and so on and so forth. Add a bit of cilantro on top, then squeeze on some lemon juice. Finish with a shake of turmeric and cayenne pepper, then roll it up and eat!


And there you have it! A wonderful collard green wrap! It tastes sooo good and refreshing!


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