Raw Vegan Nut Milk


Nut milks are the easiest thing to make. I guarantee that once you make your first batch, you will be wondering why on earth were you even going to the store to buy nut milk in the first place.

Most recipes have only two ingredients: Nuts and water. That’s it! Now, compare those ingredients with the ones you get at the store, and you will see a plethora of chemical-based/preservative ingredients,. Ingredients such as carrageenan, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate and D-Alpha-Tocopherol, not to mention anywhere from 12 to 15 ingredients for something that actually only takes two.


Ingredients in the popular Almond Breeze brand of almond milk


Ingredients in Silk brand almond milk

So, now that you have seen the unnatural ingredients in your store-bought “natural” almond milk, let’s go make real milk that is cruelty and puss free!

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