Smoked Salmon, Eggs and Microgreens


I’m surprised I’m even adding this as a recipe, as there isn’t much to it. But I get so many positive responses on social media when I post my homemade brunches on the weekend, that I thought I would add some in as recipes for my website!

Weekends are reserved for 3 things: Farmer’s market, working out wherever and whenever I want, and updating my blog. This means testing recipes, taking food photos and then getting frustrated when a recipe doesn’t work out and I don’t have a meal to post for the following week. Most of the time though, that is not the case 😉

This recipe is a nod to all the local produce in Austin. I’m a big proponent of the farmer’s market, and I make it a tradition to take my dog and visit the farmer’s market at least twice a month. This means I get fresh, local produce that I can use at home all week!

If you don’t have access to a farmer’s market, don’t worry! These ingredients are all readily available at supermarkets.

So without further ado…let us begin!

You will need:

  • 1 avocado
  • 1-2 eggs
  • smoked or raw salmon of your choice (if you are vegetarian, omit this part)
  • microgreens or sprouts of your choice
  • fresh bread (I never buy store bread, if you are the same, you can easily omit the bread)
  • coconut oil
  • coffee


Heat your pan to medium heat, add some coconut oil and cook your egg according to your preference. For more health benefits, try not the overcook your egg, and leave the yolk runny or soft.

If your salmon is raw, sear it in the pan and cook according to your preference. Again, try not to overcook it. If the salmon is smoked, no need to do anything.

Toast your bread, either on the pan or in a toaster.

Slice the avocado, and place on the plate along with your microgreens or sprouts. Arrange the bread, egg and salmon on the plate. If the bread is big enough, make avocado toast, then top the toast with greens, salmon and the egg.

Brew your coffee and blend with your choice of coconut oil or coconut oil and butter.

Sit down and eat! Your brunch is ready!