Mango Coconut Kale Smoothie


This is the simplest, most amazing tasting smoothie ever! Only three ingredients, with several optional superfood additions that you can add in for an extra power-packed punch!

Let us begin!

For your main ingredients you will need:

– 2 to 3 mangos

– 1 can coconut water, about 2 cups worth

– 2 cups (or more of kale)


For the optional ingredients, you will need:

– 1 tbsp. spirulina (organic, dried and ground)

– 2 tbsp. hemp seeds

– 1 tbsp. flax seeds

– 1 tbsp. chia seeds

– 1 tbsp. wheatgrass powder or freshly chopped wheatgrass

Add your mangos in the blender, then the coconut water, the kale and your additional superfood ingredients. Blend on high until thick and creamy. Pour into a glass, top with dried berries such as gogi, blue berries or cranberries (pictured) and drink up!


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