Coconut Cashew Cream

Made with fresh coconut! For the coconut cashew cream you will need: -1/2 cup soaked cashews - 1 whole fresh coconut - 1/2 cup fresh coconut water (which you will have from your 1 fresh coconut) - 1 cup fresh coconut meat (about the equivalent of meat from 1 coconut) - 3 tbsp. raw honey … Continue reading Coconut Cashew Cream

Natural Gatorade Smoothie

This is an all-natural Gatorade smoothie, made with fresh fruit and veggies. You get the nutrients and hydration from the fruits and veggies, and the electrolytes from the coconut water. One taste and you will wonder why anyone even buys that stuff from the store anyway! Let us begin! You will need: - 2 oranges - … Continue reading Natural Gatorade Smoothie

Avocado Peach Wrap with Cilantro and Lemon

This is a super simple yet refreshing summer snack wrap! Perfect if you are on the go, or looking for something wholesome, tasty and exotic! This is salt free, oil free and nut free too! Just pure, fresh, tasty fruits and veggies! What you will need is: - 2 to 3 collard green leafs - … Continue reading Avocado Peach Wrap with Cilantro and Lemon

Delicious Watermelon Bowls!

Ever needed a snack idea for meals, friends, events, occasions, or just for yourself? Well look no further! These watermelon bowls are simple, easy, and delicious! Plus, they are a great way to promote a healthy raw vegan lifestyle! I make these bowls all the time, and they are perfect! Plus, the colors are simply … Continue reading Delicious Watermelon Bowls!

Smoothies Galore!

I make a ridiculous amount of smoothies. Most of them are amazing, some…not so much (see radish smoothie). I have three sections of smoothies: 1) Green Smoothies (made with green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, chard and romaine) 2) Frozen/Fruit Smoothies (mostly sweet, made with frozen fruit and/or ice and no milk) 3) Frozen/Fruit Smoothies with … Continue reading Smoothies Galore!

Dehydrated Pineapple Chips!

Pineapple chips are full of moisture and take forever to dehydrated. A whole pineapple can take up to 24 hours to dehydrate, and about 5 minutes to eat! So not fair! But...this is life, you know... 😉 Dehydrated Pineapple Chips Thinly slice 1 whole pineapple into inch long pieces. Try to keep the slices as … Continue reading Dehydrated Pineapple Chips!