Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl!

The holiday season is here, and with that comes pumpkin flavored everything! A couple years ago I made a raw vegan sweet potato and pumpkin pie which is still a holiday favorite to date! This year, I am going to be making a couple pumpkin things, but to start off, how about a pumpkin pie smoothie … Continue reading Pumpkin Smoothie Bowl!

Mango Ginger Carrot Smoothie Bowl

When eating vegan or raw vegan, it is perfectly normal to have delectable desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Smoothie bowls are just that...fruits and/or veggies blended together both fresh and frozen and topped with more fruits! This smoothie bowl is a wonderful mix of carrot, ginger, mango and turmeric. It looks like a raw soup, … Continue reading Mango Ginger Carrot Smoothie Bowl