Make Your Own Almond Milk!

  Nut milks are the easiest thing to make. I guarantee that once you make your first batch, you will be wondering why on earth were you even going to the store to buy nut milks anyway! There are only two ingredients to this: Nuts and water. That's it! Now, compare those ingredients with the … Continue reading Make Your Own Almond Milk!


What is a Spiralizer?

Many of you that have seen my zucchini noodle recipes have asked me how I managed to make my zucchinis into noodles and what I use. When I say that I use a spiralizer, everyone asks me what that is. So, here is a quick post about what a spiralizer is, how it's used and … Continue reading What is a Spiralizer?

Soak Your Nuts!

Get your mind out of the gutter people, and focus on what I'm about to say! There are many reasons why you should soak your nuts prior to consuming them. As a vegan or raw vegan, this is especially important for your diet. Below are some of reasons why: -          Nuts become easier to digest. … Continue reading Soak Your Nuts!