Garlic Shrimp Pasta – Gluten Free!

I'm back from my Asia travels, and that means back to cooking! And wow, what a difference two months make! All my stuff is in storage, I had to make an emergency trip back home, I'm currently quarantined alone for 14 days because I'm considered "high-risk" from my travels, and I'm cooking in a random … Continue reading Garlic Shrimp Pasta – Gluten Free!

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Scallop Fettucine with Lemon Butter – Gluten Free!

Happy 2020, everyone! The first recipe of the year is a total mistake. I didn't even plan on creating a recipe for my website, I was merely working on emptying out my fridge. Turns out scallop fettucine with lemon butter is very easy to make. I also made this recipe with rice noodles as I … Continue reading Scallop Fettucine with Lemon Butter – Gluten Free!

Smoked Salmon, Eggs and Microgreens

I'm surprised I'm even adding this as a recipe, as there isn't much to it. But I get so many positive responses on social media when I post my homemade brunches on the weekend, that I thought I would add some in as recipes for my website! Weekends are reserved for 3 things: Farmer's market, … Continue reading Smoked Salmon, Eggs and Microgreens