Raw Chickpea Hummus

Ta Daaa! Raw chickpea hummus is made from sprouted chickpeas. To learn how to sprout your own chickpeas, see my post on How to Sprout Your Own Chickpeas. Once your beans are sprouted, we will begin to make our raw hummus! I have some optional ingredients in here, which I included because I think the … Continue reading Raw Chickpea Hummus


Avocado Zuccchini Hummus

Basically the same as zucchini hummus, except you add a half of an avocado in the mix and/or cilantro. This tastes amaaaazing! - 2 organic zucchinis (you can peel them or leave the peel on) - 1/4 cup pine nuts - 1/2 of an avocado - 1 clove garlic - 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice or … Continue reading Avocado Zuccchini Hummus