Berry Mix Superfood Smoothie!


New Favorite Smoothie! Well, favorite berry smoothie anyway. I put every berry mix in possible that I have. And, surprisingly enough, it is a green smoothie too, with the addition of kale and spirulina.

Let us begin!

In your high powered blender, put in:

– 2 to 3 cups coconut water

– 3 to 4 leaves kale

– blackberries

– strawberries

– blueberries

– 1 frozen acerola smoothie pack (a Brazilian berry)

– 1 frozen acai smoothie (also a Brazilian berry)

– 1 tsp spirulina

– 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

– 1 tbsp wheatgrass powder

Blend it all together, top with cocobut and mulberries, and drink up!

If you don’t have these berries fresh, you can use the frozen mixed berry bags you find at the store. There is no set amount of berries that you need to add in, you can just throw it all in there to your hearts content!


The addition of coconut water makes it taste soooo good!



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