Quinoa Sprout and Hummus Tacos

I was shopping at Whole Foods one day when I came upon an entire gluten free vegan tortilla section. They had the usual grain free and rice flour options, then I saw some cassava and coconut flour tortillas (pictured above). Of course, I had to get them, as anything with coconut as a main ingredient … Continue reading Quinoa Sprout and Hummus Tacos

Minty Kale, Herb and Orange Smoothie

  I LOVE smoothies with herbs in them. Particularly mint, basil and cilantro (coriander). Lucky for me, this smoothie has all three of my favorite herbs! Coupled with fresh valencia oranges, ice and some kale, this smoothie makes for a perfectly refreshing, flavorful drink! This is a great breakfast smoothie or drink for an afternoon … Continue reading Minty Kale, Herb and Orange Smoothie

Avocado Peach Wrap with Cilantro and Lemon

This is a super simple yet refreshing summer snack wrap! Perfect if you are on the go, or looking for something wholesome, tasty and exotic! This is salt free, oil free and nut free too! Just pure, fresh, tasty fruits and veggies! What you will need is: - 2 to 3 collard green leafs - … Continue reading Avocado Peach Wrap with Cilantro and Lemon