Basil Mint Honeydew Smoothie


Much like my Basil Mint Watermelon Slushy, this honeydew smoothie is green, sweet, and filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! There are so many options and additions that you can put in this smoothie, the options are limitless!

Let us begin!

In your blender, add in:

– 1 chopped honeydew melon

– 2 cups ice

– 1 handful fresh basil

– 1 small handful fresh mint

– 1 tsp chia seeds

– 1 tsp spirulina

– 1 tsp wheatgrass or fresh chopped wheatgrass

– 1 tbsp. hemp seeds (optional)


Turn on your blender, and blend away! You don’t need to add any water, as the honeydew is full of moisture! Just be sure to press the mixture down as it blends, so everything will be mixed. Your smoothie should come out looking something like this:


Pour it into a glass, top with more fresh basil and mint, and drink up!

This is sooooo good!


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