Tropical Mango Chia Smoothie


Ahhh, mango! How do I love you, let me count the ways… 🙂

As my favorite fruit ever, I love to put mangos in everything, and eat them plain as a meal! There are many health benefits to mangos as well. Mango helps to aid with digestion because of its fiber content, it helps lower cholesterol, improves libido, alkalizes the body, provides vitamin C and improves memory, concentration and vision. Not to mention, they taste sooooo good!

Let us begin!

In your high powered blender, add in:

– 3 frozen mangos

– 2 to 3 frozen or fresh bananas

– 2 cups fresh hempseed milk

– 1 tbsp. chia seeds

Step 1:

To create your own hempseed milk, blend 1/3 cup organic hempseeds with 3 cups water. Blend until smooth and pulverized and the mixture becomes the consistency of milk. For a bit of sweetness, add 3 pitted dates:


Step 2:

Once the milk is prepared, add it in with the rest of the above ingredients. Blend until smooth and creamy, then…enjoy! Great as a meal, snack or post workout smoothie



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