Smoothies Galore!


I make a ridiculous amount of smoothies. Most of them are amazing, some…not so much (see radish smoothie). I have three sections of smoothies:

1) Green Smoothies (made with green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, chard and romaine)

2) Frozen/Fruit Smoothies (mostly sweet, made with frozen fruit and/or ice and no milk)

3) Frozen/Fruit Smoothies with Milk (nut milks like almond, macadamia or cashew, as well as flax milk)

I also have several superfood additions that I like to add to my smoothies, but these are always optional. They are:

– Chia

– Wheatgrass (powdered or in plant form)

– Spirulina

– Chlorophyll

– Hemp Seeds

– Maca

– Acai (powdered or frozen)

– Any other type of organic green powder such as Green Goodness or Amazing Grass Green Superfood

I will be adding my immense amount of smoothie mixtures over the next few months, so visit every couple days to see new additions, and navigate around the sections all you want!



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