Carob Coconut Chocolate

I recently wanted to make some chocolate out of my old coconut butter, so I decided that I would make some carob coconut chocolate and see how it turned out. I had already done carob fudge a while back, so I thought this would be pretty good too. I ended up making a couple versions, … Continue reading Carob Coconut Chocolate

RAWmarkable Chocolate and Fruit!

These are simple, homemade raw vegan chocolates, that you can add fresh fruit in for filling! There are no preservatives, and everything is made with the healthiest ingredients. These can also be made sugar free, with the substitution of stevia for the maple syrup. The possibilities for these are endless, so use this recipe as … Continue reading RAWmarkable Chocolate and Fruit!

Spinach Banana Kiwi Smoothie with Kale and Flax Milk

This is a great green morning smoothie, one of my favorites! Full of protein and packed with superfoods! In a blender put in: - 2 frozen bananas - 1 to 2 cups flax milk - 2 handuls spinach - 3 large kale leaves - 1 kiwi - 2 tbsp hemp seeds - 1 tbsp powdered … Continue reading Spinach Banana Kiwi Smoothie with Kale and Flax Milk