Soak Your Nuts!


Get your mind out of the gutter people, and focus on what I’m about to say! There are many reasons why you should soak your nuts prior to consuming them. As a vegan or raw vegan, this is especially important for your diet. Below are some of reasons why:

–          Nuts become easier to digest. There are phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors in nuts that your belly cannot naturally digest. When nuts are soaked, this makes it easier on your stomach and it neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors

–          Soaked nuts increase the amount of vitamins, proteins and nutrients that your body will need to absorb. By soaking your nuts, they not only become easier to digest, but you will be getting more nutrients out of them for your body

–          Breaks down gluten so digestion is easier.

–          Removes tannins. Tannins, often referred to as an “antinutrient” is a substance found in plants, fruits and nuts, which aid in the regulation of plant growth and protect plants from predators, chemicals and harmful substances. Soaking your nuts removes the tannin coating allowing for more absorption of minerals. It’s all about the minerals, people!


Nuts need to be soaked for certain amounts of time depending on what type of nut they are. After soaking you can then eat them moist, or dry them out in a dehydrator.

Check out this chart for helpful times on how long to soak each type of nut


And also this soaking and sprouting chart: (more on sprouting later)


See for more information.


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