Orange Basil Cilantro Smoothie


This is my favorite go-to morning pick-me-up green smoothie! The taste is soooo refreshing and delicious and the colors are so vibrant! Let us begin!

In a blender, put in:

– 2 to 3 organic oranges

– About 1 cup water

– About 2 large handfuls of fresh organic spinach

– About two handfuls of fresh basil (I have some growing on my patio, but you can always buy the plants and then freeze the leaves if you don’t always have fresh basil available)

– Aboout 1 handful of fresh cilantro

– Ice

– Any other superfood additions you want to put in, like spirulina, chlorophyll, chia, hemp seeds or wheat grass (they all work great with this smoothie!)

Throw is all into a high powered blender and blend blend blend! Then drink! Drink it all! This works as a great morning meal too!




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