Kidney Bean Tacos

Kidney beans are one of the healthiest beans you can eat. Eating just one serving of kidney beans will provide you with 20% of the nutrients your body requires for iron, folate, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin B1. Unlike other versatile beans like garbanzo and white beans, kideny beans are not the tastiest or creamiest … Continue reading Kidney Bean Tacos


Vegan Savory Crepes

I've been on a big crepe binge recently. I don't know how it started, but suddenly I decided I would like to make crepes more. Of course, I wanted them to be vegan. I also try to eat gluten free as much as I can, so this was another requirement. Well, turns out crepes are … Continue reading Vegan Savory Crepes

Oyster Mushroom and Brussels Sprout Pasta – Gluten Free!

I have been purchasing seasonal mushrooms at my local Farmer's Market, and I recently got another batch of oyster mushrooms, which I really love making recipes with. I had great success with my Oyster Mushroom Vegan Burrito recipe, so I thought I would try another one! This recipe is quite simple to make, and really tasty. … Continue reading Oyster Mushroom and Brussels Sprout Pasta – Gluten Free!