Ukrainian Vegan Borsch

I recently had a dinner with some of my Ukrainian friends, and they made borsch soup. Traditional borsch is made with meat and cream, so obviously I didn't eat it. The part I did eat however, I didn't like so much. So last weekend, my Ukrainian friend and I decided to make our own vegan … Continue reading Ukrainian Vegan Borsch

Watermelon Beet Smoothie

Watermelons are in season right now, as are lots of other wonderful fruits and vegetables! This is a really simple smoothie, requiring only 2 ingredients! Watermelon and beets! Let us begin! You will need: - 1/2 to 1 refrigerated or frozen watermelon - 2 organic beets Place the watermelon into your high powered blender. Blend … Continue reading Watermelon Beet Smoothie

Refreshing Coconut Beet Mint Smoothie

An awesomely refreshing smoothie, tastes amazing and blends perfectly if you have a strong blender, such as a Vitamix or Blendtec. Why...because we are blending beets! Yes. Real, whole beets! Let us begin! In your high powered blender, add in: - The juice and meat of one whole fresh coconut - Small handful of mint leaves - 2 … Continue reading Refreshing Coconut Beet Mint Smoothie