Stuffed Mushrooms


This is a great, easy awesome take on conventional stuff mushrooms. The taste is super duper and you can eat them ALL!

Let us begin!

For the mushrooms and stuffing, you will need:

– 3 to 4 organic portobello mushrooms

– 1 package sprouts, any kind (broccoli, spicy or salad sprouts)

– 1 avocado

– 1/2 eggplant, thinly sliced

For the raw tomato sauce you need:

– 1 package organic cherry tomatoes

– couple springs of fresh thyme, stems removed

– couple sprigs of fresh oregano, stems removed

– couple leaves of fresh basil

– couple leaves of fresh rosemary

– 3 stems of swiss chard (you can use the leaves for a side salad!)

– 1/4 of a fresh beet

– salt and pepper to taste

In a high powered blender, throw in the tomatoes, fresh herbs and veggies. Pulse/blend until the tomato sauce is smooth and well mixed. Once it is fully blended, we are ready to begin stuffing!

Wash and dry your mushrooms, and scoop out the insides. Add a small layer of tomato sauce, and cover it with a layer of sprouts. Add a layer of avocado and top with a thin layer of eggplant. Put a layer of tomato sauce on top of the eggplant, then a layer of sprouts, and another layer of avocado. Finish by topping the avocado with the scooped out mushroom insides and then a final layer of tomato sauce.

It should kind of look something like this:

Voila! We are done with the stuffing! Now, all you need to do is take your knife and fork, and dig in!

Portobellos are an excellent source of potassium, selenium, copper, zinc and protein! Read more about the excellent benefits of raw portobellos here:


Soooo pretty!


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