Dehydrated Onion Chips


I am obsessed with onion chips… Especially the air-puffed or dehydrated ones you get at the store. So I figured, why not try my own? Which I did, and they came out great! One thing though, be prepared for your house to smell like onions for about 24-30 hours! If this is not something you are willing to do, then skip this recipe and go on to the next one!

– THINLY slice about 4 white onions (you can also do yellow, but they are more potent and it burned my eyes like never before while cutting them, so white ones would work better for this recipe

– Toss the rings in a bowl with salt, tumeric and a dash of pepper

– Distribute evenly on the dehydrating trays, making sure none of them overlap each other. You remove the inner rings of onions and put them on the outside, but it’s not necessary to separate each layer from the other.

– Put your dehydrator on the medium setting and dehydrate for about 10 to 12 hours

– The onion chips are ready when they are crunchy, or leathery, it’s really up to you! They shouldn’t be bendy though, if you can still bend them, then they are NOT READY!

Onion chips are sweet to the taste, and make an excellent addition to other dried veggies like green beans, carrots and potatoes!


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