Chocolate Covered Fruit!


Vegan Chocolate Covered Fruit!

My chocolate covered kiwi pops were such a success, that I decided to branch out with other fruits laying around my house. Let’s just say, they all came out amazing!

Like the kiwis, slice the fruit up, and free them all. These I made without the popsicle sticks, so that they would be like chocolate bites. I used strawberries, kiwis, bananas and dried apricots.

The recipe again is:

1 cup vegan, gluten-free chocolate chips

3/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup organic coconut sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

And, if you want to add that extra superfood punch to it, mix in a couple tbsp of maca powder. This will give the chocolate a butterscotch flavor too!

Step one: Slice your fruit up into small bite sized pieces, place on plates or containers and freeze.

Step two: Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. To do this, you fill a large pot with a couple cups of water, place a smaller pot with the chocolate inside it, and let the heated water do the melting! Make sure the burner is on LOW heat. We don’t use high heat around here! ;)  Mix in the rest of the ingredients and leave it on the stove so that it all blends together to make a smooth consistency.

Step Three: dip the frozen frits in, and place on a tray or plate. The chocolate will freeze right away, but it will be a thin covering. Once all the fruit is dipped, go on in for round two! You should get a pretty good chocolate layer covering the fruit!


This is how they look after dipping. The chocolate does run off if it’s not completely frozen, but don’t worry about it, more plain vegan coconut chocolate to eat later!

Once the fruit is completely covered, place in air tight containers like the one pictured above, and put in freezer. Take out an hour later or so, and eat!

So, now you have a remedy for avoiding all those chemical-filled extra-sweet made-with-dairy-and-god-knows-what chocolate covered apricots that you see in the bulk food section at the store! Just buy your own organic dried apricots, pick up some coconut oil, vegan chocolate chips made with cocoa butter, get out your pot and get melting!



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