What is a Spiralizer?


Many of you that have seen my zucchini noodle recipes have asked me how I managed to make my zucchinis into noodles and what I use. When I say that I use a spiralizer, everyone asks me what that is. So, here is a quick post about what a spiralizer is, how it’s used and where to get it.

A spiralizer can be used on most any hard vegetable like zucchinis, potatoes, beets, carrots, etc. It’s a great tool for spicing up your vegan dishes or making strings out of carrots and beets for salads. A spirializer comes with 3 blades, usually a thin blade to spirialize things like carrots, zucchinis and beets, and a thicker blade for veggies like potatoes, if you want to make curly frieds. It also comes with a flat flute blade, which you can use to make apple, potato or beet chips.

You can find spirializer’s online, either at amazon.com, ebay.com or just search for them online. I paid about $28.00 for mine including shipping, so there is really no reason to pay any more.


So there you have it! A spirializer in all its glory! I have made cheesy zucchini noodle pasta, marinated mushroom sauce pasta and cheesy chicken zucchini noodle pasta! And, I just made some raw marinara sauce for my “spaghetti” dish last night! Let’s go make some raw marinara for our zucchini noodles now!


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  1. Steven Gower says:

    I absolutely agree with you, that a spiralizer is a great kitchen gadget. I have bought one a couple of months ago and it helped me prepare some yummy recipe since then. I would recommend it for everyone.

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