Delicious Apricot Coconut Balls!


Serena’s RAWmarkable Apricot Balls!

These are one of the first raw vegan desserts I came up with on my own, and my life has never been the same after creating these babies! It all began when I discovered Apricot Fruit Tangos in the bulk food section of Central Market, and I was addicted. However, once I started eating raw vegan and vegan, I became much more aware of what I was putting in my body. I decided that I wanted to come up with a recipe on my own so that it would not only be cheaper, but more healthy as well. And so, I give to you, my RAWmarkable Zesty Apricot Balls!

This makes anything from 10 to 20 fruit balls

– 3 cups organic dried apricots

– 2 tbsp freshly grated organic orange zest! You can always add more if you want…I once used an entire peel of an orange! It tastes great!

– 1/2 cup coconut (1/4 for mixture, and 1/4 for rolling)

– a couple pinches of cinnamon

– 1 tbsp lemon juice

– 1 tbsp orange juice

– And, for sweetener, there are several options:

– 1/4 cup organic dates, pitted and soaked for an hour, or…

– 2 tbsp organic raw agave nectar or raw honey

Both of these work fine, it just really depends on what you want. I personally prefer a mixture of either dates and honey, as agave is not as healthy for you. Dates and honey are not only healthier, but once dates are soaked, it also gives a perfect consistency for the mixture.

And that’s it! Put it everything in the food processor (except for 1/4 cup of the shredded coconut), and pulse until everything is mixed together. If you want, you can add the apricots first to chop those up a little, then add the rest of the ingredients after.

Once the mixture is a thick, dough-like consistency, start spooning it out, roll into ball, then roll in the coconut and place in the freezer. These can keep for a couple weeks, and they never fully freeze because of the texture. So it is a perfect snack when you feel like having something sweet!


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